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BOPP AutoPad B,Adhesive (13000/2)
Category :
usage:Print lamination with cellophane and UV (for devices with small roller)
for better result and decreasing amount of use please add 250g water in 20kg of glue

Technical Info. :
appearance : milky White
solid content % : 50 ±1 ph: 8-9
viscosity Brookfield spindle5 at 23c:20rpm 23000-28000 mpa.s (c p)
Density at 23c: 1-1.2
solubility: totally soluble in water
appearance after use : very clear

Storage Conditions :
storage should be at a uniform temperature in the region of 5-25°C. The product should, in principle, be kept away from frost.
shelf life to 6 month

Package type :
packing size 20 kg normaly
drums 60 kg or on request
drums 100 kg or on request
drums 200 kg or on request

Industrial safety and environmental protection :
according to our experience ,it hasn't any harmful effect

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